Salty Sea Faring Finds For Disney Pirate Fashion Looks!

FashionEarsta put together a list of fun sea faring Disney fashion finds to satisfy the pirate in all of us!

Here at FashionEarsta headquarters, we cannot say the word Pirate without singing, “A Pirates Life for Me!” Followed by the countless “Yo Ho’s that enthusiastically follow! We decided to set sail on unchartered waters to find the best Disney Pirate-inspired fashion items to create the most authentic “Pirate Fashion” feel!

Pirate Accessories

Accessories can make or break a Disney Pirate fashion-inspired outfit. Here are some fun accessories that we found to give you the real Pirate Vibe!

We love this fun tentacle ring by BRBAM. Only you and the curious people who ask what it is will know its real meaning with its subtle nature!

We searched for a while to find a bracelet that wasn’t too over the top. This COOLSTEELANDBEYOND Metallic Genuine Leather Wristband Mens Wide Leather Bracelet with Snap Button seems to fit the bill. We really enjoyed its smooth lines and just the right amount of thickness.

Nothing says pirate like a good pair of hoops! What we liked most about these hoops from Cocadant is that you get 3 pairs in different finishes for a nice low price. The weight and style of the hoops are really nice. For the money, this is a great buy!

Disney Pirate Fashion

Pirate fashion can go over the top really fast! When we were thinking about what the best pieces would be to create the perfect outfit, some of us had to pull back a little bit. Before we even knew what was happening our outfits became a bit too costumey. We tried to come up with pieces that a person could wear that would not totally give off a pirate vibe. Here is what we found.

Sure this skirt screams pirate, but what if you paired it with a black t-shirt or a fabulous blouse with a great pair of heels? We loved the gentle tiering and the high/low nature of this Belle Poque Victorian Ruffles Pirate Skirt.

Oh my, this shirt. EarstaDiva fell in love with this one and is trying to narrow it down to 3 different colors! We love the variety of colors that this Women’s Steampunk Victorian Blouse comes in and the “leather detailing on the sleeves!

Harem pants, a pant that you can never go wrong with. We have always found these LOFBAZ Harem Hippie Pants pants to be extremely comfortable, flattering for every body type, not to mention, they can make you feel a little mysterious!

FashionEarsta Tip!

Harem pants make a great statement when traveling! match with comfortable flats and a t-shirt. this will have you looking put together YET you feel like you are wearing pajamas! TALK AOUT COMFY!

A Little of This, a Little of That

We love having subtle nods to our style throughout our homes. This lovely EMMA MOLLY Sage & Sea Salt Scented Jar Candle does just that.

We will admit, this belt screams pirate. However, in a pirate-themed wardrobe, it is a must-have. Very soft and well fitted, this belt by JASGOOD gives off the corset vibe without you having to spend the time to be laced up!

These suede boots from Brinley & Co are the perfect way to complete your Pirate-inspired look!

If you give people fair warning you don’t have to apologize for your Salty nature! Pirates are known for their outspoken nature, quick wit, and sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle insults! We loved this sweatshirt from Southern Attitude because it lets everyone know what you are all about!

We had such a blast searching for the best “Pirate Fashion” finds! Do you give subtle nods to a favorite character or genre in your everyday wardrobe? We would love to hear how you do it!

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Pixie dust and glamour!



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