When Life Gives You Lemons: Violet Lemonade Ear Review

Summery ears inspired by a fan-favorite treat from the Flower & Garden Festival!

As the old saying goes: when life gives you lemons, go to Disney World! Or…wait…is that not the saying? In any case, now is a great time to visit Disney, especially if you are a fan of flowers! Epcot’s Flower & Garden Festival is running, which means the park is full of topiaries, butterfly gardens, and festival food!

At FashionEarsta, we love flowers and floral ears (check out our roundup of floral ear reviews below) but–honestly–I go to Epcot festivals for the food!

I’ve eaten my way through many of the new flower-themed food items available this year, but I always have to revisit a favorite drink from years past: Frozen Dessert Violet Lemonade (from the Pineapple Promenade booth near the entrance to World Showcase)!

This (non-alcoholic) treat is sweet, colorful, and hugely popular with park-goers. If you want a more adult version of this drink, there is also a violet lemonade beer available at the same booth, as well as a violet lemonade sake for sale in the Japan pavilion.

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Of course, I was thrilled to see a pair of Violet Lemonade ears for sale at The Mouse Boutique! Here’s how these ears look in real life:

Get yourself a pair of Violet Lemonade ears here!


What We Loved

Unique Theme/Style: 


I chose these ears from all of the other Violet Lemonade ears on Etsy because I loved how clear and graphic the lemon ears are! I hoped that this headband would scream “violet lemonade” from across the room, and the finished product doesn’t disappoint.

My only nitpick is that the color of the bow isn’t quite the vibrant violet of the drink itself (so it wouldn’t quite match in a selfie). But unless you hold the lemonade up to compare to the ears, you wouldn’t be able to tell.



The bow is made out of a fun sequined fabric and is a great size for this pair of ears.



This headband is fabric-lined, so it is a bit slippery.

But I do love that it is sturdy and wide, and the fabric tag sewn into the headband is adorable!

Ear Shape/Size: 


I found these ears well-proportioned and perfectly round!



These ears are on a large, wide headband, which means they didn’t pinch my head!

They are, however, a bit slippery due to the fabric-lined headband.

Pricing: $$


These ears are $30 (plus shipping) on Etsy.



While I don’t love all the seed pearls used on the headband, they do a very effective job of hiding any stitching or gluing. I didn’t even see any around the bow!



These ears came in a sturdy ear-sized box and were wrapped in tissue paper and a plastic sleeve.

I especially loved that the box included cute Disney stickers and care instructions for the ears! What a lovely touch!

Who would love these? 

Foodie FashionEarstas would love to wear these ears around Epcot in the summer (even when it’s not the Flower & Garden festival)! The violet lemonade isn’t exactly a secret, but only true Disney foodies will recognize what these ears represent.

What Needs Work



I especially love that the lemon fabric is perfectly centered in the front and back of the ears!

My critique would be that there are a ton of yellow plastic pearls on the ears and headband, and they just don’t seem as luxe as the rest of the materials.

Turnaround Time:


These ears took four full weeks to arrive after I ordered them.

Where should future FashionEarstas be seen in these ears?

Stop by the Pineapple Promenade just inside of Epcot’s World Showcase to get yourself a violet lemonade to match these ears. Then promenade around the world to snap a selfie with the gorgeous Disney topiaries and flowers of the Flower & Garden festival!

Overall Score: (4.7/5)

I loved these ears’ clear theme and how light and summery they look (and feel)! I wish they had arrived in time for me to wear them on my Epcot trip, but shipping meant that I had to enjoy my violet lemonade treat in another hat.

Get yourself a pair of Violet Lemonade ears here!

I hope that you found this review helpful! I’d love to hear what you think of this review or just other magical things you have to share in the comments! Make sure you check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram; chances are you will see our ears in action!  

Pixie Dust and Glamour!  

The Fancy Floridian


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